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Mini Polyglot Gathering Brussles

Aktualisiert: 23. Feb. 2020

I had the most fantastic time in Belgium. So it began by me and my friend Roberto taking the train to Brussles from Basel on 12.09.2019. We had to change in Cologne but then we got on the speedy ICE train from Cologne to Brussles, where our lovely host Lissie or "Betka" picked us up from Kraainem metro station. We had a ball and it was really exciting to take part in workshops and to contribute personally to the gathering.

I, particularly had great fun learning about Latvian and Lithuanian and I am now inspired to gain more knowledge. I falsely believed that they were somehow related to slavic languages so it was great to clear up this misconception. My favourite activity was when we had to look at a list of Latvian and Lithuanian words and work out which ones were cognates and which language they came from. I really enjoy these type of exercises as I find this method can very be useful when learning languages. I always search for a connection and then the vocabulary tends to stick much better.

On the last day we had a tour of Brussles (including some fascinating stories about Brussles) and we stopped for a bite to eat and drink before heading back to Basel. I was so impressed by the talented polyglots that I met in Belgium. It was great to share stories and recount our previous experiences at Polyglot gatherings and conferences. I heard lots of Dutch, which I do intend to learn someday and I spoke lots of German, English and Spanish. My language of focus at the moment is Polish, although I have not done very much in last month because I am very busy starting my new "Ausbildung".

I also had the most fantastic journey home back to Basel. The train arrived punctually and we had a lovely hostess from Deutsche Bahn. She gave us "Lieblingsgast" cookies :) (I don't know why our eyes are closed)

September was a great month. I am hoping that October will be the same.

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