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November, December, January and Feburary

So 2019 and the start of 2020 was very eventful. I lost an important family member in Feburary and I was very sad but such events make me feel motivated to carry on with my goals. He loved life so much and he still inspires me to enjoy all of life's great experiences. I have been learning lots of new things, for example, how to dress wounds, how to save lives and lots of other useful skills but not I am exhausted. We have a lot of tests so the pressure is on. I am teachng English too so I have a lot of work on my hands.

The pressure of exams is also mounting, I am trying to get into a natural routine of learning but I often come home slouch on the sofa and my eyes start closing over. I become super tired. Mind you, I have had iron treatment and I must say I feel much much better and I always try to get some Vitamin D as well by catching as much sun as possible.

What are your methods of keeping awake, I would love to hear them - especially for the purpose of learning languages. I am really excited about going to the polyglot gathering. It is going to be so much fun. I really, really can't wait. I completed my registration this month and now I am slowly arranging travel details. In the upcoming months my two main focuses are Polish and French. Wohooo :-) I have been trying to learn French for as long as I can remember but I know I need to invest lots of time in this language. I am really chuffed, a friend has organised a Sunday meet-up for speaking French. I am also pleased because everyone's level is around intermediate level. I find myself often stuck between beginner and intermediate levels because I don't find the "practice- sphere" with other people. This is true for my violin skills and French.

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