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Welcome to Lavish Loquella. Here is my first blog entry. I have started my new apprenticeship in healthcare. I am really enjoying it so far but there is a lot learn and I have to fit my violin playing and language learning in this time. Today I did some work on my Polish and Latin. I am really enjoying learning new phrases in Polish:

For example today I learnt cién which means shadow. My favourite sentence is To tylko kwestia czasu. I hope this sentence is relevant for my Polish language learning, as it feel like it takes forever just to grasp simple phrases. I really enjoying the journey of this language and it feels great to see that there are so many areas that seem familiar. I can say that my knowledge of Latin plays a great role in this and also my knowledge of conjugating verbs. I really excited about the Polyglot Gathering near Warsaw in Poland and I am looking forward to making some really cool videos soon.

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