Here is an overview of what I can offer





Crystal Healing

The website is all about languages and I believe that crystals also a speak a language.  This is the beauty of stones and crystals.  I believe that crystals possess huge amounts of power that can guide us to our higher selves and help us find new paths in life that can benefit ourselves and others.


The crystal healing session consists of massage, therapy and a meditation session, which can also be offered in German, Spanish and English.  Click on the Crystal Healing section of this website to find out more about the magic of crystals :)








Language Parties/Events

I have lots of experience in organising polyglot dinners, evenings and 

barbecues.  I am available for hosting sessions, playing games, organising fun activities and ice breaker sessions.  This can be done in all in languages :)  I am also available for excursions or events; I have worked as a holiday  representative and English teacher in Germany and Croatia.



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